Welcome SignLet me tell you about the Glenns Ferry

It’s home to 1319 of Elmore County’s 27,038 residents, located in south central Idaho along the Snake River on I-84.  There is an exit on both the east and west ends of town.  To the west, Mountain Home is a short 20-minute drive away, and Boise is a comfortable 60 minutes away. To the east, within 30 minutes are a number of smaller towns, and in under an hour you reach Twin Falls.  The unemployment rate in Glenns Ferry remains relatively high, due in large part to the loss of 130 jobs when the Idahoan potato plant closed in 2007.  An experienced work force is available in Glenns Ferry, and even more within easy commuting distance.  Boise International airport is an easy hour to the west on the interstate.  The second largest industry in Elmore County is agriculture, with total of 355,590 acres in farm land. The average farm size is 1,181 acres.  In addition to Glenns Ferry’s winery, the surrounding area produces a wide variety of crops, from melons to peppermint. The area is also home to several large dairies.

Glenns Ferry offers affordable housing, a great school, golf course, swimming pool, airport, low utility rates and clean air.  Local community pride is clearly evident.  With the Snake River and several lakes nearby, water recreation opportunities are abundant. In less than an hour, one can snowmobile, hunt, fish, camp or raft.  Much of the hunting is trophy hunting..And the list goes on.  Glenns Ferry is proud to be the home of the Three Island State Park and the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.  The city’s historical significance centers primarily on the Oregon Trail crossing of the Snake River and the city’s rich railroad heritage.  And obviously, there’s a ferry in our past too.

There are several commercial properties available in town, and over 75 acres of heavy industrial property along the rail.  More than half of this property is undeveloped, immediately adjacent to the two Union Pacific main lines that run through town.  There are five rail spurs, switched on both ends, remaining from when Glenns Ferry was a major rail town that supplied water and coal to the locomotives, and provided a place to swap out crews.  The longer legs of the diesel locomotives made the stops and switching unnecessary, and much of the rail infrastructure was removed.  However, the potential for business or industrial use of the rail is tremendous.

The old steam engine came through Glenns Ferry in Sept. of 2010, and stopped here briefly.

Idaho is a great state in which to do business! Glenns Ferry joined the Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization (SIEDO) in the fall of 2010.  SIEDO is a professional resource for economic development and keeps us linked with state departments and agencies. We are just a click or phone call away from commerce, transportation or labor assistance, and current state funding and incentive programs and information.  We are also members of the International Economic Development Council.

We are excited that Family Dollar is building a new store on the east end of town.  Please take a look through the information on this tab and let us know if there are any questions we can answer.

Southwest Idaho Rural Development

Website: swird.org
Co-Chairman: David Payne
Co-Chairman: Connie Wills
Secretary: Ralph Jones
Executive Director Pro: Christy Acord 

Phone: 208-598-0886
Email: [email protected]