Dr. William “Billy” L. Galloska, DMin

Mayor William “Billy” Galloska, was born in Tucson, Arizona but grew up in central New Mexico where he attended school. He lived in Texas for a few years during high school and for a couple years upon returning from NM. He worked in nursing (CNA), construction and volunteer fire service. After a violent attack against him, he made a change and began working in private security, adult corrections and ultimately law enforcement. After several years in Law enforcement and a decade in the industry, he found a passion for trauma counseling along with a new desire to serve in his local church.

He was called to pastor First Baptist Church of Glenns Ferry in 2015. He holds a Doctorate in Ministry specializing in Revitalization as well as a ThM in Practical Theology from MBTS in Kansas City. He also holds an MDiv and his Bachelors of Science from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. Billy is married to December Galloska and they have 8 children, both natural and adopted as well as seven beautiful grandchildren. He and his wife have been house-parents on a children’s ranch in Southern Arizona, fostered 21 kids (mostly teens!), and had guardianship of one child and adopted another who is now a business owner of her own right in Mountain Home, Idaho along with her husband.  Billy and His wife are business owners and Billy manages the daycare he began at his church a few years back. Finding their ‘forever home’ here in Glenns Ferry, which they nicknamed their “Hallmark Hideaway” the first time they visited.

Billy likes to be involved in local events: the county fair, community theater, the local shooting club of which he helped start as the founding president.  Billy also works at the public school as a route/activity bus driver and has been a substitute teacher at times. He serves on the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Board/ Finance Committee as well a team member and equipment operator for the Disaster Relief team (fire, flood, storm, and other disasters).

Billy has commented that ‘serving Glenns Ferry City Council was a wonderful way to give back to the community’. As Mayor, Billy will continue to work for the City of Glenns Ferry to positively impact the entire extended community area for a better future for all.

Mayor Galloska can be reached at by phone 208-366-7418 opt 4.

Call the City Hall to arrange a meeting.